Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Review of Internet Millionaire: RefererX-4


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RefererX is now v4.0, with much better performance.

From the author website

What are the benefits of using this software?

With RefererX you could:

  1. Make easy money by selling affiliate product/services
  2. Make money through AdSense with ease
  3. Attract tonnes of real human traffic back to your website easily
  4. Make your Internet marketing, faster, easier and more effective
  5. Advertise freely as much as you want (like a free PPC)
  6. Increase your backlinks much faster & easier
  7. Improve your website position in search engine (SERP)
  8. Increase your Alexa ranking

The Review:

Looking for Traffic? Can’t afford to test every new idea you have on expensive PPC campaigns but don’t want to wait the months it takes to get to the top of the search engines. I found a program that can help out called RefererX. Many of you might remember the popular RefererBot program this is the new updated version. This program is simple to use but is highly effective in driving highly targeted traffic to your website.

Let us talk about what RefererX does to generate traffic. What RefererX does it takes web sites that are in the same niche and visits them and marks it self as a referrer from your website. Many websites will actually list your website under there recent refers and there top refers giving your link viability and extra back links that will help with the search engines especially Google. It is like classic flyer marketing, paying someone to go to door to door with your flyers. Picture this as your own flyer market making it out to thousands of websites with viewers that are interested in your website. Also the webmasters will see that you were visiting and check out your site also.

RefererX also gives a free trial software that is available on the website for anyone to download. I tried the trial first before I purchased and the result is much suprised me after running it.

You can look around RefererX and sites like Digital Point and see that RefererX has a great track record from people using this software. With a free trial and the good reviews it was a no brainer for me.

Since this traffic is natural human traffic looking at your site this traffic is safe for Adsense and they will be potential buyers for your affiliate products too. It was just like buying PPC traffic to your website but with an unlimited amount of traffic at a one time cost. One of the biggest problems people have when driving traffic is that it does not convert because it is untargeted. RefererX will bring targeted traffic bringing you people interested in your product.

RefererX is so powerful you can actually sell traffic to other users by using RefererX. Search around and see how many people are buying traffic, back linking services, search engine optimization, and improved Alexa rankings. With RefererX you get all of these services you could charge what ever you wanted and get people to pay you just to run RefererX on there own websites. That is just another source of cash coming through the door as you keep tweaking your campaigns to make even more money.

Finding a good campaign is tough and by the time you get your website to your liking you want to see how it does. RefererX will bring in that traffic fast so you don’t have to worry about all that hard work paying off. RefererX will pass out your flyers like a cartoon character flying through a neighborhood in 5 seconds. The speed on which it finds these websites and goes is amazing.

RefererX is not a cure all tool. What RefererX does it gets you quality traffic that is free. You will still have work to do with setting up your websites and doing your keyword research but at least you won’t have to worry about your traffic anymore.

Quote from the author website:

Simple and effective method for making money online and attracting tonnes of human traffic to your website, easily by using the best, widely use software!


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    Thanks for sharing the twitter secrets

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    Thanks for sharing the twitter secrets

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